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Welcome to a Bright Future

Vaha Sustainable Energy is an energy optimization company. We know that energy, finances and the environment are competing forces that every company must balance. We specialize in using solar power systems, energy consulting and LEED certification to help your company achieve that balance, while we maximize your savings and your ROI in the most sustainable way. We also work hard to make sure that you get the public recognition you deserve for your smart choices: financially and environmentally.

Vaha is here to brighten your future.

The Vaha approach gives you everything you need.

Our unmatched focus on partnership makes you feel like you are our only client. We concentrate on your needs and are with you every step of the way. Working with Vaha means benefiting from the full scope of our expertise. We start with a comprehensive consultation by our LEED certified experts – but we don’t stop there.

We carefully manage costs, examine engineering issues and coordinate construction concerns. Of course we handle the supply chain, so you get the materials you need when you need them. And, should a retrofit be needed, we put the plans in place so the work gets done right the first time. Maybe you want us to handle the permits, zoning, legal and liability requirements? We’ve got you covered. Want to maximize the available rebates and make sure you get the biggest tax credits? Done. When we say “comprehensive,” we’re not kidding.

Our fully integrated, completely customized and holistic project design ensures excellent financial gains on every project and superior long-term environmental benefits. We give you clear success measures, including outstanding ROI. We also think ahead, to make sure your project has the maximum shelf life possible.

And here’s the best part: we even provide expert public relations and marketing support – complimentary – to get your company the recognition it deserves.

Make the Most of Your Energy
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